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Thursday 15 January 2015

Forgotten treasures...

Even as a little girl growing up in smalltown America, I was already nostalgic. I fantasised about a history more interesting and distant than my own. I dreamed of a rambling family home with a dusty attic full of long forgotten treasures. With my work I have begun to piece together the precious objects I believe I could have found there.

I am a daydreamer, my mentor is the magpie, my talent lies in imagining possibilities and unleashing the hidden potential of objects around us, from discarded curtain rings to a tattered book, from a battered suitcase to a torn dress. My work is an old-fashioned response to an ever more challenging world, an alchemical process that transforms the forsaken into heirlooms of the future and hopefully in the process surrounds us with beauty and creates a new sense of occasion that is often lost in our hectic, on-demand world.

Vagabonds live a carefree, often nomadic life, Romantics long for adventure and shape the world with their idealism. Vagabond Romantics, then, signifies the many journeys that are woven together into the fabric of our lives, our memories, and our dreams.