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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Introducing Reliquaries - our New Collection

Siren Reliquary brooch/pendant
One of my biggest struggles as an artist is discipline. Not just the discipline to run a business when I'd rather just be making pretty things (though that is certainly an ongoing battle) but also the discipline to stay focused on a particular idea for long enough to fully develop it. I am constantly distracted by new ideas that I MUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND PLAY WITH BEFORE I EXPLODE!!!!

Lately I have been feeling a bit unmotivated - the Welsh winter is moving in fast, the days are short, the studio is cold, and the only thing I really want to do is knit. Except I may finally be getting my mojo back, thanks to a short course I did through WEA Cymru a couple of weeks ago. It was an introduction to jewellery making using upcycled materials and, by the tutor's own admission, pitched at a much more basic level than my experience. However, I've always said that a good student who wants to learn can pick up skills in any circumstances, and that was certainly the case here. Namely, I learned a really rough and ready yet surprisingly effective mosaic technique which can be used with, amongst other things, the lids of tin cans and bottle tops. I knew there was a reason I never throw away a jar lid.....
Niche Reliquary brooch - the piece that started it all

I loved the statement brooch I created on the day, inspired by Medieval niches and grottos, and I've been toying with the idea ever since. Currently I only have works in various stages of progress, but I'm confident it's the start of a whole new direction, a collection I'll be calling "Reliquaries: Precious gems to wear and display". And already my brain is racing ahead of my hands.

Please peruse, comment, etc - these would be perfect for a personalised piece of jewellery or art incorporating small family heirlooms or sentimental pieces like broken jewellery. As always, I'm happy to discuss commissions.
Angel Reliquary - this is my current favourite and likely to be adorning my coat all winter!

Buddha Reliquary is designed to be a small but elaborate wall hanging,
currently I am adding an elaborate lotus border in full bloom

Starburst Reliquary earrings - probably the most glamorous bottle
tops you will ever see - aside from the rest of the VR collection, that is!