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Sunday 13 September 2015

Mad Hatter's Tea Party & Upcycled Millinery

This afternoon I am going to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with some local WI members (yes, I belong to theWI and it's awesome). There is a category for "Best Upcycled Hat" which, since I have been creating upcycled hats for almost a decade, I intend to win. I'm even providing extras for the other women who, you know, have families and full time jobs and spend their lives doing things other than meticulously hand-sewing beads onto giant textile cupcakes at 3am. Because yes, the idea for the cake hat was a last minute thing that prevented me sleeping until I had done it. Oh the fun of being a creative type. 

This is the subtlest of the three, very like what I used to make but far more detailed embellishment.
It will be for sale in the etsy shop soon as probably not getting worn today.

This is my take on a Victorian Riding Hat and very romantic it is too. It
doesn't necessarily stand up to scrutiny so will be living in my studio, but
I already have a request from friend to wear it today.
And this is the silly bit of fun that kept me up all night - giant cupcake on a "plate"
complete with doily,  serviette and fork. Wish me luck, I will certainly look mad as a hatter!

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