But where can I buy all the pretty???

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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Where's all your stock gone?

Trying to earn a living as a creative is difficult. Not only is it an uphill struggle to convince many people of the value of handmade and compete against cheap, mass-produced imports, but very few of us actually have good heads for business. I can happily work 14-hour days making pretty things but ask me to photograph those things and write a brief description for my etsy shop and.....eeurrrgh. Suffice to say that the twelve items I have listed are but a drop in the bucket. Hardly even a drop, really, and it's a big bucket.

Thanks to my amazing new business coach, I am making more time for things like admin, marketing, etc, so I plan to gradually work through my stock and eventually get everything listed. But it's a gargantuan task, so in the meantime please always feel free to contact me directly, whether it's to discuss a commission or to follow up on an item you've seen here, in person, or on my Facebook page but NOT in my shop. 

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