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Monday 21 September 2015

Make of the Week

I'm very excited to have had this new purple cuff named "Make of the Week" by my favourite online wool retailer, Wool Warehouse. I'm just putting the finishing touches on its sister (I like to make cuffs in pairs that coordinate rather than match) and they are both stunning, though I say it myself. I am planning to list them in the etsy shop but having a hard time letting go.

When Vagabond Romantics was still just a growing idea in my jumbled brain, one of the projects I wanted to explore was luxurious high end accessories that featured truly beautiful yarns, and cuffs were perfect for that. So I knitted a bunch of them, before getting distracted by other things and never got round to embellishing them! I think this may inspire me to come back to those "blank" cuffs I knitted last year and "collage" them, like this one, with bits and bobs from my stash of buttons, beads, ribbons, lace, flowers and broken jewellery.

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