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Thursday 10 September 2015

Small is Beautiful

Two festivals in as many weekends is heavy going for me in my advancing years, but so glad I signed up for Small is Beautiful at Machynlleth's own Centre for Alternative Technology (which is actually one year older than I am). Not only did it finally give me a chance to get round the CAT site (including the much anticipated funicular railway ride), but I got to meet some amazing people and it was all in support of a very worthwhile cause.

My own work has incorporated upcycling right from the start (though the term wasn't in regular use back then!) and it's always a pleasure to meet people who share your ethics and understand your artistic vision, which this festival had in spades (spades covered in healthy, well fertilised soil from organic allotments, no doubt!)
View from the funicular railway, poetically expressed
by the operator as "a different painting every day"
 The sun shone all weekend, much gorgeous food was consumed from the Green Goat Cafe, friendly locals were recruited to attend my new weekly drop-in craft socials, talked business with Accidental Republic, met a lovely American man who is going to change my life (but not in the way you think!), heard the divine Josie Long exclaim over my work, discovered some exciting new music (including Shareefa Energy and the RU1-Fam collective, both of whom are now proud owners of some Vagabond Romantics work), and and I also sold some stuff....about the only thing I didn't do was actually get to see any of the festival! Oh well, that's just how it goes. Still, it was the prettiest journey to work ever, as you can see.

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