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Sunday 13 November 2016

Entering the 21st Century

It's easy to become isolated as a self-employed artist working mainly from home. When work is going particularly well, I can disappear for days on end as I hermit away, surviving on cereal and resenting the few hours of sleep I grudgingly submit to. So it's always interesting when the opportunity arises to do "normal" work things, such as the 9-5 crowd might do.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had the chance to attend a training day which an excellent local community arts organisation offered, on the topic of using social media for creative businesses. It's great to have a chance to network with other arts professionals, they are always interesting people and I have never come away from such an event without learning something. It's also a useful way to remind myself that the arts industry does not just pertain to visual arts and craft - as a non-performing, non-musical type, I genuinely forget that arts organisations support these good folk too! As well as myself there were two other visual artists (one who painted, one student who took our breath away with a highly detailed, hypnotically beautiful drawing), a costume designer, a drummer, a performance artist, and representatives from a couple of different arts organisations.

This particular workshop was facilitated by Teresa Carnall of TBC Marketing who was absolutely excellent. She had her work cut out for her as none of the group were particularly social media-savvy, but there was still a wide variance in both the skill levels and needs of the participants. Despite these challenges, Teresa delivered one of the most useful training events I have ever attended. My only regret is not having a chance to chat with her in more detail about specifics, as I suspect I could have picked her brain very nearly clean!

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I am developing a Social Media Plan. You heard me right. There's going to be a plan. It might even be a cunning one. So look out for a much bigger online presence for Vagabond Romantics over the coming months, and do let me know if there is anything particular you'd like to see more of here. I aim to please.

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