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Tuesday 15 November 2016

What's an Artist to Do? A Glimpse into the Studio...

I spent such a huge portion of this year on the beach or outside that up until recently I felt I'd done very little creative work. I'm beginning to make up for lost time now, but the problem is that my to-do list always far outstrips the time I have to work.

There are far too many works-in-progress to cite here, but just a few of them include:
*A selection of knitted zombies and accessories including clothing, organs, etc
*A patchwork lace curtain for my bedroom
*A knitted blanket tracking this year's temperatures
*A knitted scarf tracking my mood this year
*Some wall art based on vintage embroidered table linen
*Several pieces that need dyeing or re-dyeing - an art I have not fully mastered
*A cardigan which needs embellishments to match a skirt
*A hand-sewn dress which needs the seams reinforced by machine
*A pair of trousers with new waistband halfway through being attached
*Two Mermaid's Grotto wall art pieces that just need borders and backing
*A box full of decoupaged bottle vases that need finished off
*No less than three sculptures for an exhibition I envisioned early last year on which I have made good headway but never finished
*A whole slew of mixed media images I've started on to decorate my bathroom but never got round to finishing
*A pair of embroidered sugar-skull cushion covers
*A Christmas tree skirt I have begun to mend
*Gorgeous wrist cuffs that desperately need lined to make them ready to sell
*Folk-painted spice racks for the kitchen
*Dining table is still waiting for me to finish stripping back the hideous honey pine varnish and repainting bits of the legs
*A "flotsam fairy"
*A shadowbox of Italian shells

And there are even more ideas which so far exist almost entirely in my head (barring, perhaps, some of the necessary articles to make them):
*Linen trousers
*Linen smocks
*Linen tunics
*A jersey skirt for the gym
*Knitted legwarmers
*Many more aprons and pinafores in different styles
*Purple knitted lacy shawl
*A bag for collecting shells incorporating a waterproof cushion for sitting on the beach on damp days
*Chrstmas baubles
*A new Christmas tree skirt
*An overskirt using the amazing silk panels I bought in Italy
*A dress to sell using the amazing silk panels I bought in Italy
*A portable grotto (yes, you read that right)
*An anatomical charm bracelet
*Bunting for a friend
*An embroidered banner for another friend
*A mosaic-type mixed media image incorporating paper and broken glass
*Bell jar necklaces
*Wearable art pieces based on the many designer seconds I have bought in Italy
*Display shadowboxes of my favourite seashells
*Several plain cushion covers crying out to be embellished
*A patchwork skirt of vintage doilies
*A quilt
*A garden blanket a la Jan Messent
*Anything at all crocheted
*A doll's house
*More art dolls
*Everything else...

Plus product photography, marketing, social media, sales, workshops, and at some point perhaps even an attempt at having a social life. Or is that just too much to ask?

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