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Friday 4 November 2016

Riddle Me This!

I've got a puzzle for you.Today I went to the beach and filled a bag with treasure, but I didn't collect a single shell. What did I find? You can see in the photo.

 No points for guessing what kind of plans I have of this lot, though - the clue is in the next image!

Have made a few of these driftwood dolls already. Originally they were going to be more detailed - I have a vision of a sort of folk art-style "flotsam fairy". Some of them will probably end up as fairies eventually. But three of the basic "skeletons" have been sitting in the studio watching me work this week and I've grown rather attached. In fact I've decided that I like them so much as they are that it would be a shame to mess with them. Indeed I doubt I will be able to part with the first two - hence the need for more driftwood. Luckily I can find it in abundance on my beach - in fact the hardest part was leaving after only a few minutes, because my bag was full and I had other errands to run. How lucky do I feel to be able to pop to the beach on my way home from getting the groceries?! There are definitely some perks to living in the back of beyond.


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