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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Italy, again...

I keep talking about finding inspiration in Italy - where do I find it? Aside from the haberdashers and the market, that is...It's hard to predict but it can be almost anywhere. For example:

The colours in this sweet shop window (check out those meringues!)

This spectacular sculpted wall

 These amazing door knockers.

Grand religious art tucked into unassuming corners

This very saucy cake (the Italian name was translated for me as "Nun's Tit" so no, it's not just your filthy imagination...)

Ceramic wall plaques in the town of Faenza (which is famous for its majolica pottery).

The colours of a doorway.

The texture, elegant lines and sheer scale of this rather austere church.
The ceiling of this bicycle hire place.
This riverside cafe with its eclectic seating and picture-postcard views

Random architectural details

The colours of this charming boat in a canal by the sea (not to mention the fact that there is a canal running down the middle of the High Street)

Stylish bikes artfully tumbled against every wall
Display cases full of pastel treats as stylish as a rack of designer dresses
This highly covetable, convertible vanity table - I'll bet Emma Peel had one of these!

And of course the beach....but that is another post!

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