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Thursday 3 November 2016

Italian Inspiration Revisited

I didn't plan to go to Italy this year....times are tight for us creative
folk, and I'm trying hard to act like a responsible grown up type of person. But when my dear Italian friend commented how much she missed having me visit, and wished she could just send me a ticket, I decided to look into flights. Just out of curiosity, you understand.

Fast forward three weeks and I am stepping off a plane into Mediterranean sunshine. In the past, I've always gone to Italy with the primary intention of visiting a much-loved friend. However, each trip I have made has contributed vast amounts to my treasure trove of art and craft materials, and also to my mental store cupboard of inspiration. Why, Vagabond Romantics itself was largely conceived on just such a holiday! So this year I decided to call a spade by its rightful name and consider it a business trip right from the start. A business trip that involved lots of wine, pizza, gelato, and chat, but definitely a business trip!

I ran a crowdfunding campaign to help ensure I came back with the most beautiful bounty and whilst it was a necessarily short duration and didn't meet my target, I was fortunate enough to receive donations from three wonderful friends. One of them donated anonymously, but I'll pause a moment here to thank KD Shull and Mark Gowdy, both past-life chums who have managed to stay in touch over many years. I felt a bit cheeky, as though I was just asking people for spending money, but I knew it would be a fruitful trip and indeed that has proven to be the case! After a long period of creative doldrums, I am back in the studio and churning out brand new loveliness at record speed.

This post will serve an an aperitivo, as it were, to whet your appetite for more photos and details in the fullness of time. The photos showcase some of my favourite finds, a hint of future designs!

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